ACI World Publishes New Handbook For Airports In Combatting Human Trafficking

March 21, 2019

Airports Council International (ACI) World has today published the first edition of its ACI Combatting Human Trafficking Handbook, a free resource providing real-life examples of the work that airports are doing to help in the fight against human trafficking.

Airports around the world are determined to assist authorities by reporting suspected human trafficking cases and making it as difficult as possible for the global air transport network to be exploited for this trade. This handbook draws on the experience of airports that have already acted in this area and provides guidance to airports on the options that may be available to them.

The handbook includes materials and advice to assist airports – irrespective of their size or location – to help them play a significant role in combatting human trafficking by promoting a comprehensive approach that involves coordination with airlines and law enforcement agencies, such as border-protection and customs agents.

“The safety and security of passengers remains all airports’ number one priority and the airport community is determined to work with border authorities and our partners across the world to help put a stop to the appalling crime of human trafficking,” said ACI World Director General Angela Gittens. “Many of our airport members are already demonstrating their commitment to this effort and this handbook provides useful information and advice to strengthen our combined efforts in awareness, training, and reporting.”

Airport members of both the ACI World Security and the Facilitation and Services Standing Committees contributed to this publication.

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