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New USD Legal Clinic To Serve Victims Of Human Trafficking

The Women’s Legal Clinic launches in January following an anonymous $1 million donation

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Three National Hotel Chains In Houston Sued For Promoting Sex Trafficking

Three sex trafficking victims have sued three major hotel chains in parallel lawsuits, claiming that the companies exercised gross negligence about on-site prostitution at Houston branches despite corporate policies that promote social responsibility.

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Human Trafficking Lawsuits Allege Hotels Ignored Problem

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Lawyers representing human trafficking victims want a single federal judge to oversee multiple lawsuits alleging that major hotel chains have ignored human trafficking taking place on their premises.

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A Pioneering Ohio Courtroom Helps Trafficking Victims Find Hope

A diversion program for victims of human trafficking is spreading to cities around the country. The model has roots in ...

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Children’s Trafficking and Exploitation is a Persistent, Dreary Phenomenon

Children's trafficking and exploitation is a widespread phenomenon that is causing enormous suffering throughout the world. It can take several forms such as forced labor, sexual exploitation and child begging, among other practices

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CATCH Court Provides Beacon Of Hope For Human Trafficking Victims

At the very end of a long municipal court hallway that mostly smells of sweat and despair, Vanessa Perkins turns ...

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Couple Promised Jobs To Lure Workers. They Beat Them And Didn’t Pay, Prosecutors Say

A former Stockton couple convicted in a human trafficking case faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison ...

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Human Trafficking ‘Hub’ Backpage Is Long Gone, But The Problem Still Remains

SALISBURY, Md. – Before Backpage was terminated, Cpl. Chris Heid could locate sex trafficking victims exclusively on the popular classified advertising ...

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Sex Sells, But In Dallas, Police Are Relaunching The Vice Unit With A New Approach To Human Trafficking

A law enforcement official recently told us, in stark terms, what the reality is for victims of human trafficking here ...

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