Current Campaigns

Take action to end human trafficking, support survivors, and protect the vulnerable!

Keep Kids Safe Online

Children are more vulnerable than ever to online exploitation and trafficking during the pandemic. Help protect them by contacting your legislators in support of the EARN IT Act, bi-partisan legislation to prevent the online exploitation of children.

Wellness Weekend for Male Survivors of Human Trafficking

With very few resources or services for men who have been trafficked, USCSAHT, Sisters of Mercy, The SOAP Project & Felician Services Inc., have come together to help survivors on their journey of healing. It is believed that males make up 20-30% of all victims of trafficking in the U.S.. Once a survivor is no longer being trafficked, his trauma doesn’t end there. It takes a lifetime of hard work to heal the scars. The Wellness Weekend offers educational classes, therapeutic sessions, personal care, and a safe & supportive community to help them become thrivers. To find out more information on how to attend as a survivor, volunteer or donate click or scan below.