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DOT Doubles Progress In Human Trafficking Fight

July 9, 2020

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) more than doubled a goal staked out earlier this year to get 100 pledges in 100 days to raise awareness of human trafficking in the transportation sector.

Over 200 companies and organizations answered the call for the effort that DOT Secretary Elaine Chao made in January. Those that have signed on to the effort “are joining the Department to ensure that America’s transportation systems are not hijacked to facilitate human trafficking,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao on May 7. “These companies are on the frontlines of helping to ensure the safety of our traveling public.” A goal of the effort is to get one million employees trained to help fight the crime, according to DOT.

The federal government considers human trafficking “modern-day slavery, affecting nearly 25 million adults and children in the United States and worldwide. Victims are of every age, race, gender, background, citizenship and immigration status. Some are trafficked within their own communities, while others are transported to new locations using America’s roadways, airways, railways and waterways.”

The list of signatories includes over 180 airports and airlines, 104 transit agencies, 33 motor carriers, 9 railways, 9 ports, 49 state departments of transportation, 8 states, and 14 cities. They include the American Trucking Associations, American Association of Port Authorities, J.B. Hunt, U.S. Xpress, UPS Freight, CN Railway and Atlas Air Worldwide.

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Committee Against Human Trafficking Reviews Draft of Final Report

June 6, 2019

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking is one step closer to submitting the final version of its capstone report.

At its third and final public meeting May 16, the committee reviewed and deliberated about the report that it ultimately will submit to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. The committee’s goal is to develop strategies for reporting human trafficking and craft recommendations for DOT-funded programs to combat the issue. Human trafficking, which involves the use of force to obtain labor or a commercial sex act, exploits about 25 million people, according to the draft report.

The committee, formed in October, includes leaders of organizations that fight modern slavery, as well as academics and representatives of the trucking, bus, rail, aviation, maritime and port industries. The draft report, which includes 45 pages of text and 78 pages of appendices, is titled “Combating Human Trafficking in the Transportation Sector.”

The draft report lists indicators and strategies that apply to various members of the transportation industry, including truckers and people who operate truck stops and travel centers. The report urges fleet executives to visibly support anti-trafficking initiatives, partner with organizations such as Truckers Against Trafficking and establish a timeline for training programs. Similarly, truck stop operators are encouraged to participate in public awareness campaigns and partner with law enforcement groups.

Committee member Sherri Garner Brumbaugh, president of Garner Transportation Group, said that human trafficking is an issue that truckers can help eradicate if they work together. Garner Transportation is a trucking company based in Findlay, Ohio.

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